Staying on top of current events, sector trends, and scholarly commentary are all necessary tools for practicing attorneys. One simple and increasingly dynamic way to achieve this well-roundedness is by following blogs. We at TTL have compiled a subjective list of the top law blogs in the industry. These blogs help readers stay informed of current developments in law, offering advice, practice tips, teaching tools, and a host of other material on law-related topics.

Lawyernomics provides tips for solo and small firm lawyers who want to develop and manage their practice more efficiently. is a legal web site which publishes news and commentary about the legal industry.

Lawyerist is a daily online magazine about law practice. Helping lawyers find the tools to improve their practices giving advice on law related topics.

Internet Cases highlights legal developments involving the internet and new technologies.

Kevin O’Keefe’s Real Lawyers Have Blogs is a source of information on the use of blogs & social media for legal marketing and business development.

The Careerist covers employment trends and offers career advice.

Law Insider is a platform for Lawyers to share and learn about how to be successful in the fluctuating legal industry.

Want to dress to impress? Corporette is a fashion and lifestyle blog for professional women in law firms and other corporate workplaces.

The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog covering trends in the legal industry with commentary and analysis on issues surrounding law and business.

China Law Blog discusses Chinese law & how it impacts business in China.


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